Hamdard – Jernide Syrup


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Pack size= Bottle of 120 mL.

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Jernide is very effective for relieving the hypersensitivity of male reproductive organs and glands, also the swelling of seminiferoustubules. It helps to correct its functions, buming micturition and stopping seminal discharge. It effectively checks abnormal noctumal emission, spermatorrhea and premature ejaculation. It acts as a laxative by stimulation peristalsis in the colon. It triggers peristalsis by inhibiting the absorption of water and electrolytes in the large intestine, which increases the volume of the bowels contents, leading to increased pressure and relieves the constipation by normalizing the bowels function.


“Glycyrrhiza glabra (dry concentrate) 0.30 gm
Extract of Cascara sagrada 0.10 gm
Extract of Atropa acuminate 0.15 mL
Excipients q.s.”


      • “An effective formulation for relieving hypersensitivity of male reproductive organs.
      • It also helps to decrease inflammation.
      • It is useful in dysuria and oedema of the belly due to urinary trouble.
      • Effective in relieving testicular inflammation and pain.


“Shake well before use
Keep away from sunlight and children”

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