Our Vision is to create and promote awareness among common people that staying healthy is one’s own responsibility. The true Health lies in virtues of Happiness, Hardiness, Harmony and Humouring. The character that displays such virtues is the correct explanation of HIKMAT

Why We?

Acquisition of knowledge has always been important for mankind but very few have been able to implement or exercise it appropriately.

“Imam Ghazali was perhaps one of the smartest man to walk on earth. After acquiring all the available knowledge he prayed for ‘Hikmat’”

The quest for ‘Hikmat’ remains a major challenge for humans, ironically like the fly some never embark on this journey and remain around the filth which represents stagnation and disintegration

Our philosophy is to help people understanding, Hikmat as a way of life and not just an academic discipline. Mankind deserves to remain healthy and be prevented from ailment. If some illness touches our lives, we should be able to quickly heal ourselves. This is only possible when people practice the great principles of Hikmat and incorporate them into their lives..

OURHIKMAT is going to be the next big evolution that will impact millions of lives and bring a Natural healthy behavioral change to safer and more convenient tomorrow.


Our Hikmat  is a professional service platform – providing services to the public for the benefit of their Health. This is not only a shop or clinic , it is an organization committed for wellbeing care and Education, and a development for the advancement of Ethical equality , Science and Culture.


A platform to empower HCP and Common people to share experiences, success stories and the latest research in the field of Health Care!. Our bloggers include some of the most influential voices in healthcare today as well as relative newcomers.


A Platform to treat Patients to improve health Naturally. Get access to quality healthcare without ever leaving your home, your job, or wherever you are.


Platform to deliver Nature blessings to Every Home