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If you start getting schizophrenia, what are the first symptoms you experience?

Schizophrenia is a disorder of the thought…..you ‘think’ you are hearing … you ‘think’ you are visualizing. And it all appears to be so real…. that you are absorbed into it. The schizophrenic lives in a very real world…that is his own, but it is not the same world as the one others around him are living in.

As for signs….
– Fear that someone is after them or is watching them
– Starting to make some far-fetched connections between seemingly unrelated things
– An unusual burst of creativity, and wanting to write stories and scenarios
– Finding oneself progressively isolated from friends

In my opinion, being around controlling, manipulative, lying, blaming people who exert emotional violence, most often domestically, slowly builds the mentality where a psychotic episode, or schizophrenia can be triggered with the incidence of some particularly stressful event. The latter could be anything such as a big breakup, losing one’s job, financial issues etc.

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