Qarshi – Asthmina Syrup

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Pack size= 120 ml


Asthma is a very tormenting disease of the respiratory system. In this disease the convulsion and narrowing of bronchial tubes of lungs causes difficulty in breathing and the patient has fits of asthma attacks.Mainly there are two types of asthma, dry asthma and phlegmatic asthma. In case of dry asthma there is only convulsion and narrowing in bronchial tubes and respiratory muscles, whereas in phlegmatic asthma, phlegm in also amassed in bronchial tubes. This makes the act of breathing more difficult. After long research and a number of experiments, our R&D Cell has succeeded in preparing a syrup which is equally effective for both types of asthma. It enables the patient to breathe freely, and alleviates the convulsion and narrowing of bronchial tubes.


“Ephedra 250mg
Ammonium Chloride 125mg
Liquorice 100mg
Vasaka 100mg
Peppermint Ext 0.75mg
Preservative Sodium Benzoate 25mg”


      • Effective in acute and chronic asthma, shortness of breath and dryness of bronchial airway.
      • It is expectorant, bronchodilator and relieves dyspnoea.
      • Releives throat inflammation, irritation, dry and productive cough.
      • Effective in bronchitis, cold, flu and influenza.


“Shake well before use
Keep away from sunlight and children”

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