Hamdard – Tiryaq e Masana

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Pack size=”50 gm”


Taryaq Masana is an effective herbal remedy for bladder weakness. The main herbal ingredient of Taryaq Masana is Physalis alkekengi, also known as Bladder Cherry, has a history of therapeutic use for different ailments such as kidney pain, urine retention, prostate enlargement, constipation, cramps, arthritis, as well as kidney stones. Bladder pain and other related problems can wreck your routine life and cause other health issues. As mentioned above, the major issue caused by bladder weakness is urinary incontinence that needs immediate treatment and if left untreated, it can cause some serious health issues. Therefore Taryaq Masana is recommended to patients with that type of medical situation by physicians.


Althaea officinalis Linn. 0.060000 g/6g
Apium graveolens Linn. 0.060000 g/6g
Armenian bole 0.048000 g/6g
Cervus elephus Linn 0.108000 g/6g
Cochlospermum religiosum (L.) Alston (Gum) 0.060000 g/6g
Corallium rubrum L. (Calcined ) 0.108000 g/6g
Cucumis melo Linn. 0.060000 g/6g
Cucumis sativus Linn. 0.060000 g/6g
Glycyrrhiza glabra Linn. 0.048000 g/6g
Hyssopus officinalis Linn. 0.048000 g/6g
Koalinum ponderosum. 0.048000 g/6g
Lagenaria siceraria (Molina) Standley 0.060000 g/6g
Macrotyloma uniflorum (Lam) Verdc 0.084000 g/6g
Malva sylvestris Linn. 0.060000 g/6g
Origanum vulgare Linn. 0.048000 g/6g
Ostrea gigas Thunberg (Pearls) 0.048000 g/6g
Papaver somniferum Linn. 0.012000 g/6g
Physalis alkekengi Linn. 0.084000 g/6g
Pimpinella anisum Linn. 0.048000 g/6g
Portulaca oleracea Linn. 0.060000 g/6g
Prunus amygdalus Batsch. var. amara. 0.084000 g/6g
Pterocarpus marsupium Roxb (Gum) 0.060000 g/6g
Rhus coriaria Linn. 0.048000 g/6g
Smilax china Linn. 0.048000 g/6g
Preservatives 0.000000 Q.S
Sweetening agent 0.000000 Q.S


      • Crushes the kidney stones
      • Alleviates kidney pain
      • Useful in inflammation of bladder
      • Resolves urine retention
      • Eradicates urinary incontinence


“Keep the medicine out of children reach.
Consult with physician first. Self medication is not recommended.”

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