Hamdard – Somina


[cursor_list][cursor_list_item text=As a brain tonic 2 teaspoonfuls in morning and 2 teaspoonfuls at night.
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Pack size=Jar of 120 gm

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A nutritive remedy for brain and tense nervous system. Mental disorders commonly occurs throughout the world and anxiety has been pointed out as a common mental health problem. Depression is the most common mental illness that can disturb the sound sleep. It is a natural medicine to induce refreshing and sound sleep. It is nourishing, aphrodisiac & resolvent of inflammation. Sesamum is among the seeds rich in quality vitamins, and minerals. It helps to reduce bilious heat, quench thirst and induce sleep. Seeds extract is useful against nervousness, palpitation, insanity and melancholy. It is also effective in insomnia.


“Sesamum indicum 1.46 gm
Prunus amygdalus 1.29 gm
Lagenaria vulgaris 1.00 gm
Lactuca sativa 0.83 gm
Excipients q.s.”


      • A Natural Blood Purifier
      • It helps to improving liver functions


“Keep the medicine out of children’s reach.
Consult with a physician first. Self-medication is not recommended.”

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