Hamdard – Safi Syrup


[cursor_list][cursor_list_item text=”Two teaspoonsful in the morning either with a cup of milk or water, or at bed time, for children of more than 8 years of age the dose should vary according to age, i.e. One third (1/3) to half (1/2) of dose may be given or as directed by the physician.” img=”http://pharell.lpdthemesdemo.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/medical-cross.png” cursor_color=”#57ab55″][/cursor_list]

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SAFI is the combination of herbs which may assist in the body’s natural elimination of toxins through laxation. SAFI is a combination of Azadirachta indica (neem) which is good against skin disorders; Smilax chinensis (chob-chini) helps in blood purification while flower of Sphaeranthus indicus(gulmundi) may comfort in skin irritation, scabies, and other eruptive skin ailments due to the blood disorders. SAFI helps in removing blood impurities.


“Each 5ml contains
Cassia senna 246.70 mg
Smilax chinensis 60.00
mg Sphaeranthus indicus 60.00 mg
Nelumbium nuciferum 36.00 mg
Dalbergia sissoo 36.00 mg
Fumaria parviflora 24.00 mg
Azadirachta indica 24.00 mg
Swertia chirata 24.00 mg
Tephrosia purpurea 18.00 mg
Curcuma caesia 18.00 mg
Terminalia chebula 18.00 mg
Pterocarpus santalinus 18.00 mg
Cuscuta reflexa 18.00 mg
Ocimum spp 18.00 mg
Lavandula stoechas 18.00 mg
Tinospora cordifolia 18.00 mg
Ipomoea turpethum 18.00 mg
Bauhinia variegate 18.00 mg
Canscora decussate 18.00 mg
Chrozophora plicata 18.00 mg
Rosa damascene 18.00 mg
Excipients q.s.”



“Do not use during diarrhoea.
Diabetic patients may use it under the supervisionand direction of physician.
Do not use in pregnancy.”

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