Hamdard – Roghan e Badam Shirin Syrup


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Pack size= 60ml

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Hamdard Sharbat Toot Siyah is an effective and time- tested herbal remedy provides prompt relief in chest congestion, effective for inflammation and pain in throat and improves the pitch of voice. Morus nigra is esteemed for its valuable effects in sore throat, resolving pharynx and larynx inflammations, tonsillitis, sore in tongue and in throat, stomatitis and relevant oral or respiratory disorders. Morus nigra stops the abnormal catarrhs to drop in into the pharynx and due to its cold and moist temperament acts as febrifuge in fever due to upper respiratory disorders.


“Each 5ml contains
Prunus amygdalus 5 ml”


      • A great source of nutrients
      • Memory Enhancer
      • Immune Booster
      • It has has soothing effect on brain cells.
      • Its internal administration at night induces peaceful sleep.


“Shake well before use
Keep away from sunlight and children”

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