Hamdard – Jawarish Jalinoos


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Jawarish Jalinoos is a medicine of multiple uses. Its use prevents the hair to grow grey before the due age. It increases the production of blood by regulating the digestive system, and as a result the paleness of the face vanishes.


Pistacia lentiscus 2.333gm
Valeriana hardwickii 1.333gm
Amomum Subulatum 1.333gm
Valeriana officinalis 1.333gm
Cinnamomum cassia 1.333gm
Piper longum 1.333gm
Myrtus communis 1.333gm
Alpinia galanga 1.333gm
Zingiber officinale 1.333gm
Cinnamomum tamala 1.333gm
Cyperus scariosus 1.333gm
Balsamodendron opobalsamum 1.333gm
Piper nigrum 1.333gm
Myrtus caryophyllus 1.333gm
Saussurea lappa 1.333gm
Swertia chirata 0.666gm
Crocus sativus 0.413gm
Honey 37.777gm
White sugar 37.777gm
Ghee 0.666gm
Preservative q.s.


      • Effective remedy for gastric problems
      • Effective in backache
      • Effective in excessive micturition
      • Correct functions of disgestive disorder
      • Treatment for piles, polyuria and lithotriptic.


“Keep the medicine out of children reach.
Consult with physician first. Self medication is not recommended..”

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