Hamdard – Itrefal Ustukhuddus

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Pack size=”100 gm”


It is very effective for relieving the cerebral congestion. It helps to improve the digestive and intestinal peristalsis and as such removes constipation. Its continous use not only cures the chronic catarrh and cold but also improve vision.


Terminalia chebula (Yellow variety) 4.090gm
Vitis vinifera 2.273gm
Terminalia chebula (Black variety) 0.245gm
Terminalia belerica 2.045gm
Cassia angustifolia 2.045gm
Cuscuta reflexa 2.045gm
Emblica officinalis 2.045gm
Lavandula stoechas 2.045gm
Polypodium vulgare 2.045gm
Rosa damascena 2.045gm
Sweetening agent and preservative q.s.



“Store in cool dry place and protect from light.
Use as directed by the physician.
Keep out of the reach of children.”


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