Golden Rain Tree/ Amaltas

Scientific Name: Cassia fistula

Fever reduction and pain relief Contains paracetamol Dosed by age and weight

Pack Size= 50g


Amaltas fruits are used in the treatment of diabetes. It is antipyretic, abortifacient, demulcent, decreases inflammation and heat of the body useful in chest complaints, throats troubles, liver complaints, and diseases of the eye and gripping. The seeds of amaltas are emetic, used in constipation, and have cathartic properties. The seeds are slightly sweet and possess laxative, carminative, cooling, improves the appetite, and antipyretic activity. The seeds are useful in jaundice, biliousness, skin disease, and swollen throats. Its dried seeds produce marked hypoglycaemic activity. The bark possesses tonic and anti dysenteric properties, it is also used for skin complaints, the powder or decoction of the bark is administered in leprosy, jaundice, syphilis, and heart diseases. The aqueous extract of the root bark exhibits anti-inflammatory activity. The stem bark is used against amenorrhoea, chest pain, and swellings. It is specially indicated in Ring Worm.


It is rich in vitamin k, calcium, minerals, iron, and manganese.


      • Reduces fever, cold, swelling of throat, asthma symptoms.
      • Treat Constipation.
      • Subsides gas, flatulence , acidity and colic pain.
      • Eases the discomfort of piles, stops bleeding from different parts of the body.
      • Cleanses the blood and eradicates skin problems like itching, inflammation and suppuration..
      • Alleviates symptoms and pain of arthritis, gout, nervous system diseases, eczema, ringworm and leprosy.


Self-medication with amaltas should be avoided
It should be used with caution in pregnancy.

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