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Marhaba – Ispaghol

  • Two teaspoon (10 ml) twice daily with waterTwo teaspoon (10 ml) twice daily with water

Pack size= 95-150-300 Grams

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Marhaba Ispaghol Husk Jar, which is obtained from Plantago ovata is a harmless product of vegetable origin and a natural source of non-starch highly soluble carbohydrate fiber. It is strongly recommended and particularly intended for the treatment of constipation and bacillary dysentery. Constipation is one of the most common and known complaints of, especially habitual and chronic. Liquid paraffin hinders proper assimilation and absorption of essential vitamins and minerals, whereas no such problem is associated with Ispaghol husk. Moreover, Ispaghol husk is also an excellent and easy therapy in patients with intestinal amoebiasis, ulcerative colitis, and other anus-rectal diseases. Modern research has shown the ability of Ispaghol husk to counter ailments like hypercholesterolemia, obesity etc.


Psyllium Husk


    • Excellent and easy therapy.
    • Relief constipation.
    • Fecal bulking.
    • Cholestrol lowering.
    • Natural fibrous diet and drug.
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm



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