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Fagonia/ Dhamasa

Scientific Name: Fagonia Arabica

  • Fever reduction and pain reliefFever reduction and pain relief
  • Contains paracetamolContains paracetamol
  • Dosed by age and weightDosed by age and weight

Pack Size= 50g


Fagonia is a single herbal medicine having miraculous curing effects on general health issues including serious illnesses like cancers, hepatitis, heart disorders, etc., without any serious side-effects. It is known to purify the blood and also acts as a deobstruent. It is also used for skin diseases, smallpox, and for endothermic reactions in the body. The twigs of the plant are used as a remedy for snakebite and also applied externally as a paste on tumors and for the swellings of the neck.


    Carbohydrates, flavonoids, glycosides, steroids, saponins, alkaloids, triterpenoids, amino acids, chlorides, sulphates, anthraquinones, iridoids, cyanogenic glycosides and coumarin.


    • Effective against all types of Hepatittis.
    • Save from brain hemorrhage and heart problems by decomposing blood clots.
    • Treat of body pains.
    • Normalizes blood pressure disorders.
    • Helps recovering from smoking side-effects.
    • Improves sperm count in semen.
    • Imporve Health of male and female reproductive systems.
    • Clear Skin Pimples and other problems.
    • Strengthens stomach.
    • Cures mouth & gum disorders.
    • Normalizes blood pressure disorders.
    • Helps recovering from smoking side-effects.
    • Hot infusion of Fagonia is given to prevent small pox.


    May cause harmful effects on the lungs. Currently no toxicity information is available for fagonia cretica linn

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