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How To Measure Growth Of Kids In First Year Of Life

The word Physical growth means increase in body and organs size for example in body size includes height weight and length. The age of child from birth till 1 to 2 years of life grow rapidly. after this rapid growth duration the growth of infant or toddler growth goes slow until the adolescent growth spurt. When the growth of child becomes slow they need little calories and there parents also noticed decrease in there appetite. The children of two years age group have very fluctuating eating tendency which makes there parents worried. A certain amount of children may notice to eat effectively still pursue to grow and flourish. Actually, they commonly eat a small amount of food once a day and then invent it by eat more meal coming day.
The duration of preschool age the child weight and height grow stationary. In each year child keep grow similar in a same amount until the early Adolescence phase comes in which major spurt of growth occurs.
As we all know in our body many organs are present so the rate of growth of every organ is different from other for example Just after the birth of child the reproductive system shortly rush a growth, then very small changes occur with time until the puberty was occurred. In comparison, in early years of life brain grow fully. In the end of first year of life kidney functions.
The age when the child start walk they have adorable physique, with the curved back and the belly Forwadly sticking. At the age of 3 year the tonecity of muscle increase and the body fat reduces so in this age the child physic is more muscular and leaner in this time period mostly child able to have controlled on their bladder and bowels.
The growth of child should be reported through a chart from birth to 2 year of life which was give by WHO. And after the age of 2 years follow the growth chart which was given by CDC.
How to check Height and Length in children:
The children who are young and able to stand properly on their own length in these children measured easily by vertical height measuring scale. while the children who are unable to stand and lie on bed calculate their height through stadiometer. Infant height increasea 30% till age of 5 month and 50% height increases till 12 months. An infant grow 10 inch by height in their first year of life.
How to check weight in children
Normally the infant reduced 5-8% of their weight after birth during initial days of their life and recover this weight at the end of starting two weeks of their life. After this duration newborn obtain per day 1 ounce in the first two months and after that duration one pound each month. In the 5 month of life baby weight doubling from their birth weight and tripling by one year.
Importance of measurement of Head Circumference:
Doctor check the head circumference by placing the measurement tape around the head above the eyebrow. head circumference measurement important because it reflects the size of brain doctor check by measuring head circumference either the baby’s brain growing with normal rate or not it is routinely measured till the age of 3 year. In the first year of life the brain size is 75%
The time duration of tooth flare-up be different mainly due to hereditary cause. If the tooth eruption is delay in child it may due to some disease such as hypothyroidism, down syndrome, rickets.
At the age of 5-9 months lower front teeth normally appear. And in the age of 8-12 month upper front teeth appear. Mostly infants has 6 teeth at the age of 1 year and twelve teeth at the age of one year and 6 months and sixteen teeth at the age of two years.

These all are parameters which was use to measure growth during initial years of life because it is every important duration for physical mental and organic growth through these parameters we were diagnosed the disease earlier which help in management more.

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