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Women have estrogen and progestron hormone 80% in their blood as compare to the men who have 20% of esterol.
according to the Tibb-e-Unani + Ayorveda feminine temperament is hoter than men and children.
To understand this theory it is simple to know that : female has to bear a child.

Ovulation is a natural procedure, requires warmth. Women crave for fats such as ice creams, fries, nuts, oily food, chocolate, cheese and other sweets etc. This group of food is rich in cholesterol, further when it goes to metabolisation {digestion} FATS converts in to the FATTY ACIDS , acid in the blood creates dryness which thickens the flow to concentrated deposition in storeroom like bag of gall bladder which is pear like bag it contains/store bile juice producing from the liver.

Producing stones is not a one day story it takes years n years to tell a person who have suffering from this ailment . because human do not have nerves to fell sensation in gallbladder until the stones filled uptil the edge ,that is common bile duct {CBD} FROM WHERE THE BILE CROSS TO GO INTO THE INTESTINES . There it connected with pancreas and another side attached with duodenum ,there it secrets almost one and half liter of bile {green bile juice=safra }

Gall stones are of two kinds ,one is cholesterol in nature another is bilious in nature, consist of bile salts .
Nervous system present in the ducts ,when any stone stuck in there feels severe pain. It influence the limbic system in our brain ,where emotions are processed.

Before it happens all of us should check our diet and routine .
Better to take balance diet.
Do some exercise, walking is the best.
Take bath daily.
Get up early and go to bed early.
Do not drink water just after the meals.
Avoid junk food especially soft drink in empty stomach, but enjoy the parties once in a week. 🙂


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