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How To Measure Growth Of Kids In First Year Of Life

The word Physical growth means increase in body and organs size for example in body size includes height weight and length. The age of child from birth till 1 to 2 years of life grow rapidly. after this rapid growth duration the growth of infant or toddler growth goes slow until the adolescent growth spurt. […]

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How to measure growth of kids in first year of life

It can be difficult to determine if a baby or child is growing well and how fast it is growing. You are always with them, so small changes in height and development are not always noticeable. Dress sizes can vary significantly, so the best way to monitor growth is to measure your height and plot it against a growth chart. Once you know your child’s height, it’s a good idea to record it to see how it changes […]


Poor Feeding In Infants

Is there cereal on hair and the bowl on the floor? Well, seems like your infant is rejecting the food. Kids are born with the tendency to reject new food, “poor feeding’ is a term used to describe a situation where infants are not interested in eating or they are not getting enough nutrients to [...]